Brewing Tips

Brewing Tips for Tea

Every person has unique tastes and these can be explored with the many flavours of tea. To get the best out of the tea you drink, you should invest in good quality, whole leaf tea and use the best water you can use (ideally filtered or spring water). Many tea bags contain the oldest leaves, dust and stalks and so, not only will the taste be compromised, but you will also be missing out on all the antioxidants and associated health benefits!

Pure Tea contains only natural, organic ingredients. Other tea bags may contain perfumes and flavourings which give a "quick-fix" aroma and taste and often overpower the natural flavours.

For the best taste always allow the hot water to cool before drinking.

The beauty of high quality tea leaves is that your drink will be clear and not murky, with little staining of cups (or teeth!) and will have the most wonderful colour and flavour.


Ideally, water should have been boiled but allowed to cool for just a minute or so, before adding the pyramid bag. This is particularly important for green tea, which may become bitter if added to boiling water.

Then, you must allow the tea to steep for between 3-5 minutes to allow the natural flavours to develop.

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