A Couple of Interesting Tea Types

For centuries, tea has been used in the field of alternative medicine in order to treat, from serious diseases like cancer to somehow minor problems like allergies.

Recent studies have shown that tea can protect the body against heart diseases, Alzheimer and many types of cancer. Today, there are many types of tea and a large selection of aromas available on the market that have different benefits in different health fields. Discover how sipping from a cup of tea can be the answer to many health issues.


White Tea

Is less processed than the other types of tea, as such, the polyphenols an antioxidant,  prevents free radicals meaning, it slows down the aging of the skin, is very strong. Also, white tea contains ECGC, another antioxidant that prevents the formation of fat cells and prevents wrinkles. Studies show that the benefits of white tea can protect the body against different types of cancer, one of them being colon cancer.


Black Tea

Full of polyphenols, black tea is perfect for maintaining a pleasant breath. Studies show, also, that polyphenols prevent the formation of mouth bacteria, by so reducing the compounds that these bacteria produce. Black tea also prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Possesses glucose inhibitors, meaning that it prevents diabetes.


Mint Tea

Mint tea is well known for calming bowel movements and it’s a great ally when wanting to improve the function of the gastro-intestinal system.


Passionflower Tea

Also known as Passiflora, this plant works like a sedative and can be used to treat insomnia, agitation or gastro-intestinal issues. The sedative quality is present due to the flavonoid complex that reacts with other active substances in this plant, bringing a nice calm, and in time, even a permanent fix of these problems. Passiflora have’s a positive impact regarding asthma, favoring the equilibrium of the physiological sleep.


Ginger Tea

Works as an anti-inflammatory, blocking the chemical substances that produce the inflammation of the brain. The Ginger Tea’s power to reduces the inflammation is similar to that of an aspirin. If you start to have headaches, drink a cup of Ginger Tea in the initial phase to cut off the pain directly from the root.


Ginseng Tea

Stimulates sexual excitement and helps with erectile dysfunction. Ginseng contains compounds called ginsenoside, that affects a specific tissue that helps grow the number of sperm cells. It’s recommended for heightening sexual pleasure for man as well for women.


Licorice Tea

A plant that grows in the Mediterranean Sea and Asia, it’s, in fact, sweater than sugar and has 0 calories. Aside from the fact that it’s very good in tempering sugar cravings, licorice is, also, an anti-inflammatory, having bacteria killing qualities. All licorice tea contains therapeutic compounds that help treat a sore throat.


Nettle Tea

Contains antihistaminic proprieties and prevents fever and allergies of all kinds. Also, ameliorates runny nose symptoms, coughs or eye itching. For maximum effect, boil the nettle for 15-20 minutes and add a slice of lime for a better taste.


Green Tea

You may be well learned already about the amazing qualities of the green tea but it’s worth mentioning a few of them. It helps prevent cancer hand hepatitis C, reduces heart diseases thanks to the high levels of antioxidants, helps reduce cholesterol and it’s used in many diets for weight loss.