All You Need To Know About The Brown Betty Teapot

The Brown Betty teapot is a type of teapot that is made with clay and manganese brown glaze known as Rockingham glaze. It was originally discovered in 1695 in the Stoke-on-Trent area of Britain. This clay could be made into a ceramic that could retain heat better and it became widely used.

At first, they were very tall but over time potters gave them a rounder shape until they arrived at the version that we commonly find and call Brown Betty these days.


Why use a Brown Betty teapot?

There are some very practical reasons for why you might be interested and prefer this type of teapot over other types. To start off with the practical reasons we can say that since the teapot is made of clay that means that it will retain heat very well and keep your tea warm for longer.

From another important practical standpoint, you should know that they are a lot more resistant than other general clay or porcelain teapots so this is a big plus. The glaze also preserves the teapot from corrosion so it can stay with you for a long time if you take good care of it.

They generally have a nice round shape, this permits the tea to spread evenly in the teapot. This will result in a high quality, well-steeped tea. Although you will most likely have to use a strainer or a separate infuser because they don’t have one included. Not that I’ve seen an original teapot have one until now.

A Brown Betty teapot with pink floral decorations painted on it and some lavender in the background.

Although many have the shape of a Brown Betty teapot you must make sure that it’s original.

What should I look for in a Brown Betty teapot?

You can buy a Brown Betty teapot from almost anywhere but for it to be authentic you must make sure that it is specified in the description or better on the teapot its provenience. You are looking for the ones that come from Stoke-on-Trent.

You can find Brown Betty teapots under other names like:

  • Caledonia Pottery
  • Cauldone Vale
  • Cauldon

, but as long as it comes from Stoke-on-Trent you can rest assured that it is made with that good red clay that Brown Betty teapots are made of. All of them are made using the same methods, good handmade red clay teapots covered with glaze and kiln fired.

A picture with a mark on a Brown Betty teapot, marked by "Cauldon", one of the biggest factories that sell original Brown Betty teapots.

An example of a mark that proves authenticity on a Brown Betty teapot.

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How to make tea in a Brown Betty teapot

  1. Pour warm water over your teapot to heat it before brewing any tea.
  2. Place your tea inside.
  3. Use an electric kettle to make some hot water.
  4. Once the water is ready, pour it into the teapot over your tea.
  5. Wait for the tea to be ready, time depends on the type you are using.
  6. Use a strainer and pour into coups.
  7. Enjoy!


How to take care of your Brown Betty teapot

  • Store it safe! There are small chances for it to survive from an accidental drop.
  • Since it’s a clay teapot it is a good idea that you stick to brewing as few tea types as possible. Just like the Yixing teapot, it has memory.
  • Avoid washing it with detergents, washing it thoroughly with warm water by hand will be enough.
  • Never use your teapot in a microwave.

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