All You Need To Know About The Glass Teapot

Delicate and elegant, the glass teapot represents an inspired investment for any teaholic. As fragile as they are, glass teapots won’t be worn out by detergents and can resist for a long time if they are handled with care. The following is a small guide to the advantages of having one and how to take care of it if you own or wish to own one.


Why choose a glass teapot?

  1. The main advantage of a glass teapot is transparency, it permits you to admire the infusion of the tea and be amazed at how the colors come out and dance from the leaves. Looking at it is very relaxing and it can be considered a meditation, it captivates you and keeps your whole attention. You will appreciate the tea more and in time you will know exactly when it’s ready by looking at how the infusion manifests. All kinds of teas can be admired in this way, green, black, white, rooibos, you name it.
A transparent teapot steeping tea by the candle light.

A glass teapot is beautiful to watch while you’re steeping your tea.

  1. It’s an aesthetic decoration object easy to integrate into any type of space. Sophisticated but versatile, a glass teapot will match any tea set that you already have.
  2. By using a glass teapot, the taste of tea won’t be transferred into the teapot like the ones made from clay. Glass has the property of remaining neutral and doesn’t affect the taste in any way.
  3. Glass teapots usually have an integrated infusor, something that makes them practical and economic. You don’t have to spend money on paper filters or use a separate infuser or a strainer.

More than that, in the realization of glass teapots there is a lot of care for details, they are made with small holes that infuse your tea and filter the leaves at the same time also giving space for them to spread through the whole teapot and obtain a high-quality tea.

How to take care of your Glass Teapot

Glass Teapots are fragile but not as fragile as you might think, they are made from a special borosilicate glass resistant to high temperatures. This means that they can handle any infusion without problems at all.

The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid exposing it to different temperatures suddenly. This goes in the case of washing your teapot with cold water when it’s hot. If you do that, it will crack! Use warm water instead or let the teapot cool down first.

There are some glass teapots that isn’t recommended that you wash them in the dishwashing machine or use them in the microwave. If you are thinking to yourself „it would be so convenient if I could do that”, well, there is good news, there are models that are more resistant and you can put them even in the dishwasher.

Glass teapots can be safely washed with any kind of detergent without any supplementary rules to keep in mind compared to other teapots like Yixing.

When you buy a glass teapot make sure that the infuser is wide and tall enough so that it can almost reach the base of the teapot. This is so that your tea leaves can spread evenly and prepare a proper infusion.

The only big disadvantage of glass teapots is that they don’t absorb and retain heat like Tetsubin or clay teapots, which means that steeping could take a bit longer and tea will get cold faster. I still believe that it’s worth having one considering that they are very cheap and you can see how the infusion is done through the glass.

A teapot with infuse, underneath a candle light and four white cups at the right.

Glass teapots are the most practical and they are the perfect gift for the tea admirer that likes to try something different every time.