White Tea Taste is Amazing! Have You Ever Heard of White Tea?

For some still unknown, white tea taste is indeed a unique and less popular than other teas, especially in this case when it’s less commercialized compared to other teas. White tea implies picking up before the tea plant opens its flowers completely when the little bulbs are covered with a white layer. This is also the place from the name white tea derives.

The picking is done manually and implies some tedious effort. Next up is the drying process, leafs aren’t given the chance to oxidate. The fact that they are minimally processed, makes the end result in a unique one that gives it soft and fresh qualities.


Did you know that White Tea:

  • Grows in regions like Fujian and Jejien?
  • It’s recommended for the hot seasons, spring and summer, when it’s freshly collected?
  • Contains: Potasium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, caffeine, galic acid, and mangan.

The secret of this tea is found in the young bulbs and leafs that are collected as soon as they sprout. It is also considered a miracle treatment in China. This process in itself is what brings its high level of freshness and delicate aroma,  also it’s highly regarded aspect and name that it wears. Aside from this, taking its quality into consideration, it’s price is proportionally adjusted. In other words, it’s more expensive than a classic tea.

Its unique character is given by it’s collecting method. This tea is grown in regions that have red or yellow soil, mountain zones, where the climate brings many rain showers. Specialists say that it’s one of the secret reasons for why this tea is so formidable.


White Tea Taste

Its taste is „Divine” says those who drink it. As a definition, sometimes it can be associated with the subtle taste of honey, fruits, a little sweet, it’s almost like it haves sweet taints of vanilla chocolate or peaches. But everything is „soft”. In spite the fact that it contains caffeine, you must know that white tea has the smallest percentage compared to green or black tea. These things stand at the base of its structure but the cultivation and processing method also have an impact.


How to Steep White Tea

The avid Tea drinker is doing a tea ritual between the tea types they drink weekly, even day to day. Somebody will drink Black tea on Mondays because of its high natural caffeine levels that boost productivity and sometimes it’s just their way to start the week.

For those who are experimenting new tastes than the white tea taste is a must without a doubt. In the first phase, you need a good source. For the sake of its quality, do your research and find out how the tea you are about to buy was cultivated and stored.

White Tea is stored just fine exactly like the other teas. In spite of its amazing aroma, it doesn’t need any special treatment. This type of tea can be kept even up to a year without issues if the optimal conditions are being respected. You’ll need to avoid keeping it in the fridge, on the other hand, you’ll need a good box, opaque, that can be hermetically sealed.

When serving, because the white tea leafs have such a delicate touch, it is recommended that you don’t add honey, sugar or other sweeteners. Also, if the quality is really good, you can use it multiple times. The infusion shouldn’t take longer than 3 to 5 minutes, to avoid for it to become sore.