Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant Review

I love these teas and I was the first from my family that has tried one of each, so far. I even collect the cards that hang at the end of the string that holds each Yogi Tea sachet. I’m also happy because, in addition to the well-being they give me, Yogi Tea can brighten me every day. I’ll tell you right away how and why they manage to do that. I went over and read some yogi green tea super antioxidant reviews to see what other people say. Everyone seems to be fond for their tea.


Something about the Yogi Tea Company


A cup of yogi green tea the super antioxidant version sitting on a table for the purpose of this reviews.

The Yogi green tea isn’t the only super antioxidant tea, keep this in mind while reading this review. Teas in general are packed with many antioxidants, the quantity in them differs.

The story of Yogi Tea began in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan, an inspired Indian spiritual teacher, began to teach Kundalini Yoga in America.

After each course, he used to serve his students with tea prepared from 5 Ayurvedic spices (cardamon seeds, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root and black pepper). The students then named it Yogi Tea.

Inspired by the complex aroma and unique curative properties of this ayurvedic tea, students have set up Yogi Tea and created their own tea recipes based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings and the principles of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Yogi Tea is fragrant and surprising with its ayurvedic combinations or blends of herbs and spices. What about a cup of tea that harmoniously blends sweet orange and cinnamon peel with spicy chili, cloves, and ginger, or a surprising cardamom and basil?

This is a tea that is called “Heartwarming” because it warms body and heart at the same time, and it is my favorite.


What are the principles that inspire people at Yogi Tea?


“Taste is essential, but it is not enough. You must feel great after drinking a Yogi Tea “says Ayurvedic tradition.

The Yogi Tea recipes are carefully drawn: “What effect will they have on the body, but also on the mind?” Asked those who follow the same tradition.

“Health has its source in nature; we work with what nature already offers, rather than trying to modify it. We do not have laboratories, we have kitchens.”

“Creative combinations can improve what nature has to offer.” Have you ever combined mint and ginger? Together, they blend harmoniously into a remarkably fresh and innovative taste. Here is another healthy principle of Ayurvedic tradition.

“Yogi Tea blends are not just teas, their recipes are based on the Ayurvedic medicine tradition,” and among the more than 40 tea items you will surely find at least one that will fit you perfectly.

Green Chai Green Tea Yogi Tea, a blend that blends green tea with fresh mint, spicy notes of ginger and sweet fragrance of cardamom.

Delicate, fragrant and soft, this green tea with spices is an easy and refreshing alternative to the strong black tea aroma. According to Ayurveda, Vatta decreases and has a neutral effect on the Kapha and Pitta constitutions.

A green tea trees landscape. Yogi team made a super antioxidant tea by doing an in depth review of the quality of the leafs.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants by itself but Yogi made sure to properly take care of it when processing so that it’s full of super antioxidant. There are other reviews be sure to check them out.



Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical knowledge system. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda means “Science of Life”. “Ayus” means “life” and refers to the fundamental energy of life, and “Veda” means knowledge or, in other words, science.

Ayurveda is, therefore, an invaluable treasure of theoretical and practical knowledge that helps us to find out what are the best indications for improving the state of life of the human being.

Ayurvedic traditional medicine has been and has been practiced in India since 5000 years ago. The written sources of those times attest that Ayurveda is the oldest traditional science of healing and maintaining health.


Yogi Green Tea Super Antioxidant Reviews

I would add some yogi green tea super antioxidant reviews from other people that I read but there are some rules that won’t permit me to simply add them here without their permission. Since this is a short post I haven’t gone so far as to contact people and see if they can share their oppinon. Never the less! You can head out and check them out if you would like:


My personal Tea recommendation!


Yogi Teas Detox

Yogi Tea, DeTox, 16 Count (Pack of 6), Packaging May Vary
  • Gentle way to help the body cleanse itself by...
  • Purifying burdock and organic dandelion support...
  • Ginger, black pepper and long pepper support blood...
  • When combined with an overall wellness program,...
  • Naturally caffeine free


Bring water to boiling and steep 5 to 10 minutes. For a stronger tea, use 2 tea bags. Drink 1 to 3 cups anytime during the day, up to 10 tea bags a day. DeTox can be used every day for up to 30 days. Pause up to 1 week before resuming.

Video Review


The special reasons for why I like Yogi Tea!

  • On the card of each tea bag, you will find an inspirational message to embellish your day. And on each box, you will find a simple yoga position associated with the tea assortment of sachets. Here is not one, but two reasons!
  • My message today was: “Let your heart guide you.
  • So, let your heart guide you! And choose your favorite tea for, light up your life!
  • Delicate, fragrant and soothing, Yogi Tea Green Tea is a light and refreshing alternative to the rich and powerful aroma of traditional black tea.
  • This tea blends a blend of organic green tea with spicy flavors of ginger and the sweet taste of cardamom. The familiar attributes of green tea are a wonderful addition to these flavors.
  • Namaste, Yogi Tea!

William Ewart Gladstone  (British Liberal and earlier conservative politician) said:

If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you;

If you are depressed, it will cheer you;

If you are excited, it will calm you.