Green Tea Diet Plan All You Need To Know

You probably heard many times that there is a green tea diet plan. Maybe it has passed through your mind to try such a diet but you don’t know too much about the subject. In the following rows, I will try to explain what results you can expect from a green tea diet.

First, you must know that green tea has an incredible capacity to accelerate metabolism and determine the body to burn more fat. Thus, if losing weight is your objective, then the green tea diet plan is for you.

Some studies show that, compared to those who don’t consume green tea, people that choose to add it to their diet can lose weight two times faster.

Before adding green tea to your diet I will answer a few questions that you probably asked yourself already.

Green Tea Diet Plan FAQ

Green Tea with flavors carry the same benefits?

It doesn’t matter if you pick a simple Green Tea or one with added flavors, the benefits brought by this drink won’t be influenced. Keep in mind another factor, some teas already contain sugar so be sure to read the label and look for that before buying.

Does the producer mater when I buy my tea?

Absolutely! If there are more producers on the market there are also more differences between the teas.

Can green tea also be consumed cold and have the same benefits?

There’s no restriction that says that green tea must be hot or warm to benefit from it. You can drink it cold if this is how you would prefer it. There are some who say that you’ll reap the most benefits if you drink it hot or warm.

How to prepare Green Tea for maximum results?

You will have to heat some water. Don’t boil it but bring it close to that reaction, just before it starts to boil. When you see that small air bubbles are starting to form, close the heat and pour it in the infuser that has the green tea. Let it sit for 2 to 4 minutes and then serve!

Can green tea do me any harm?

As far as green tea is concerned there are no general limits to how much you can drink as long as you don’t overdo it (just like any other thing in the World). Aside from the fact that it has some small quantities of caffeine, quantities very small compared to a normal cup of coffee, there aren’t any compounds that could negatively affect your health.

Green Tea doesn’t go bad but the fresher the better. For this reason, I advise you to drink your tea in maximum 6 months from the time you bought it. After this period the antioxidants present in tea start to get weaker.

Can I use green tea extract instead?

Of course! You can dissolve a few drops of extract in water and you will reap the same benefits like when you would drink tea normally in your green tea diet plan. Just 1 milliliter of green tea extract can have the effect of 8-10 infused cups (depending on the concentration of the formula).