Rooibos Herbal Tea Benefits And 8 Reasons for why you’ll love it!

Rooibos herbal tea benefits, known better under the name of Red African tea, the Rooibos infusion doesn’t contain theine and contains low levels of tannin, that’s why it is enjoyed by a lot of people. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, people all around the world dring Roiboss tea for its numerous beneficial effects, few know that it is cultivated exclusively in a small region in South Africa.

Numerous attempts to cultivate it in America China or Australia failed. Also, recent climate change threatens the species and scientist estimate that it could disappear at the end of this century. This doesn’t sound good. Wait until you hear the rooibos herbal tea benefits. You will want to have a test of it before that happens.

In spite of the fact that it’s commercialized as a tea, Rooibos is actually a plant that belongs to the family of vegetables. The Rooibos is cultivated in Fynbos, a small land surface dedicated for the plantation of small trees, situated alongside the Western Cape of South Africa. The species is called A. Linearis and it refers to the linear growth structure of the leafs that resemble small pins.

As many of us now already the health benefits of this miraculous infusion, many persons are just starting to discover this beautiful strain. This article was created for the purpose of presenting you the benefits of consuming Rooibos tea and the right way to infuse it, in hope that until the end you will have a clear image upon the properties of this tea that became popular at the beginning of the 20’th century.

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Why should we dring Rooibos tea?

The Red Rooibos tea it’s a miracle for the health and you should also incorporate it with trust and pleasure in your daily „liquid intake”. Aside from the fact that it’s an extremely healthy tea, this red tea has a nice sweet-sour taste, this is always a major plus and it doesn’t have any infusion time limits so you can take care of your business while the tea sits. Let’s get started on the rooibos herbal tea benefits now.


Eight Rooibos Herbal Tea Benefits


1. Doesn’t contain caffeine

Rooibos plant grows naturally without caffeine. This fact is important because the plant won’t be subjected to any chemical process for the purpose of caffeine elimination. Keeping in mind that there are a lot of people who don’t wish to consume caffeine, some even avoid drinking tea for this reason. Rooibos tea is the ideal choice.

Children and pregnant women can fully enjoy this tea and its numerous benefits. In South Africa people consume five even six cups a day, we can say that we don’t have to even impose a limit on ourselves is we like it much.

2. It has a high level of antioxidants

We already know that most teas contain antioxidants that being one of the first reasons why we drink them. Read Rooibos contains a wide array of antioxidants that help protect the organism in multiple ways. Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals produced in the organism, for example, the destruction of healthy cells. Polifenolii also has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents heart diseases.

3. It has a high level of minerals

One of the main benefits of drinking Rooibos tea is that this one contains more minerals that are vital for optimal health. Some of these minerals are:

  • Magnesium, essential for the nervous system
  • Calcium and Mangan, essential for strong teeth and bones
  • Zinc, for metabolism, the immune system, and others
  • Iron, critical for the even distribution of oxygen through blood and muscle tissue
4. Prevents the apparition of allergies

Red Rooibos tea is used in many regions of South Africa as a protective measure against different allergies like eczema, hay fever or bronchic allergies. It has anti-inflammatory qualities. For this reason, it’s often prescribed to people that suffer from asthma or different kinds of allergic reactions.

5. Prevents premature aging

The antioxidants that are present in this tea slow down the aging process and strengthens the immune system. Antioxidants fight against the free radicals that deteriorate the skin, hair, bones, and organs. It has great benefits in maintaining our cognitive abilities reducing the impact of oxidative and so stimulating concentration and attention.

6. Prevents some forms of cancer

Some studies demonstrated a tie between drinking rooibos tea and the reductions of some forms of cancer. All the antioxidants mentioned earlier are involved in this. They protect the cells and DNA against threats.

7. Ameliorates stomach issues

Rooibos contains a high level of flavonoids, especially the one named quercetin (that can also be found in apples, onions, grapes, onion oil and others…). This has a capacity to calm numerous affections like abdominals cramps, diarrhea and indigestion. Flavonoids are known as being of great help in reducing spasms, inflammation, and allergies.

This is all thanks to the K+ ions (Potassium ions) in the organism that reduce the hyperactivity of the gastrointestinal system, preventing diarrhea and other intestinal problems. This extending the health benefits of the Rooibos tea.

8. Promotes good sleep

Rooibos is unique in itself for the fact that it can be consumed as much as you want at any given moment of the day. Many persons choose to drink it before bed because it helps treat insomnia. Thanks to its high level of minerals and absence of caffeine it’s well known to help people feel calm and relaxed.

I’m sure that there are more rooibos herbal tea benefits than what I presented here. As a matter of fact, I believe that these are just a few, studies are continuously being made and new discoveries are brought to the surface regarding all teas.