Tea Variety A Vast Land To Explore!

You find yourself in a store that has a wide tea variety, teas from all around the World, there’s no chance for you not to be amazed at all the options available to you. We most drop the classical idea that you can buy tea from wherever you want. You won’t find Rooibos (also called Red Tea) or Oolong tea in your typical supermarket.

Teas from the Darjeeling or Oolong class are names that you even never heard of them before. It is clear that they indeed, won’t be found in your supermarket, or else you would’ve heard of them before. Japanese Cherry Blossom tea or Peach (and I mean…real peach not „aroma”) are just a few examples that are really worth trying.

There really is a wide tea variety, some that we don’t even know that exist, they carry fancy names and the main reason we don’t hear about them is that they aren’t so commercialized (because they aren’t popular, paradoxically right?), another reason is that many of them are custom mixes available for a limited time. They are simply delightful and unique! Drinking some tea infusion with fresh leaves from Thailand is like being there for a small moment in time.

Available in glass recipients (great storing method! Avoids mold!) with written labels you will first notice the health benefits that it offers. There are labels that clearly talk about the tea in a few rows, easily understood by anyone.

When you find out how many benefits the different types of tea have you start wondering why you haven’t included them in your diet until now.

Jasmine Pearl offers some top-notch teas! An excellent source of antioxidants we might say. You will also find that it eliminates free radicals, and so reduce the risk of cancer and improving the cardiovascular system.

Jasmine Oolong tea is especially recommended for those who need to relax, it reduces stress but it also has other uses and it is known for this fact. It can be a good stimulant for flexibility, it burns fat and it helps and helps the blood circulation.

In all this experience communication with the store owner is important because he can provide you with information that you can’t find out from anywhere else. For example information on how long was the trip from the producer to his store and how the tea was stored during transport. This is very important since it determines the quality of the tea. You can also learn from him what is the best way to prepare a rose tea or how to obtain different types of teas. Also, he’s a great guide for you when you’re exploring all that tea variety.

To spend moments, smelling all the teas, aromas and taste them is true therapy. You don’t have to rush and pick one. Spend quality time, learn about them, compare them and let them surround you. It’s well spent time. Going at one such shop is like going on an adventure on which you’re guaranteed to bring something new and exciting back.

Another aspect is to find something that suits your personality. Until you’ve learned and come to understand the variety you can’t say you know what you like. There’s a high chance that there’s something even better for your taste buds. Welcome to the wonderful world of tea!