A Tale About How Green Tea Was Discovered – Enjoy With Tea!

Camellia sinensis the source of the holy miraculous most popular Green Tea. Which literary means “tea flower” in Chinese. I can’t abstain myself from starting off with the tale of how tea, in general, came into beeing. Now nobody knows for a fact how or who came up with it, we just now that it came from China so keep that in mind.

It all started in China a looong time ago (I forgot how many years, sorry). They used to drink simple hot water as a beverage (This is known).

In the morning, as usual, the Emperor, came down from his palace to sit at his table, on his chair under his favorite tree to sip from his nice hot water.

An acquaintance of his passed by. He was invited to come and sit at his table so that they both can enjoy together the hot water on that splendid dewy morning.

The simple conversation turned into a philosophic matter that required both to dedicate their full attention.

Right in the middle of their exchange of ideas, the maid had cometh with hot water. The Emperor with a simple and majestic sign of hand shows her to serve the water. From the way that he did she immediately understood that he doesn’t wish to be disturbed.

She quietly placed tiny cups on the table, slowly poured from the kettle and left gracefully back to the palace.


A small wind decided to pay a visit. The tree shook its twigs and leaves started to fell. A few of them landed in the Emperor’s cup.

Time passes by…they notice that the cups were almost forgotten and quickly decided to sip. After that sip of that which wasn’t water anymore, The Emperor, was struck with a joyous taste and overwhelmed with the flavor of this strangely but interesting liquid. It became obvious to him why after he noticed the sitting leaves in his cup.

Everything remained the same. His morning visits, at the same place, at the same table under that same tree. The only thing different was his beverage and an even bigger fondness for the tree. Tree now known as the Green Tea Tree.

The End.


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Image Source: Wikipedia