Why Visiting Tea Shops is Great!

Tea shops are a great way to try new teas before buying larger quantities which you plan on drinking at home.

I visit tea shops at least once a week, simply because I love them. They are far different from those newly built coffee shops that seem to be springing up all over the place, and that’s good as far as I’m concerned.

Tea shops are different from coffee shops, they are targeted towards a different clientèle, and they are usually nicer too. I like tea shops because when you go in, the emphasis is not on having a coffee, and blasting the latest tunes at you.

A tea shop is all about comfort, it’s about tiny cups with saucers, nice cakes, and a friendly atmosphere. This is what I like about tea shops, and it’s probably the reason why I go as often as I can.


Celebrating a special occasion

I will be going to my favorite shop in a few days to celebrate a special occasion with my mother in law. I feel inclined to treat her, and therefore I will. It will be nice to catch up with the mother in law, and see how she’s getting on. She’s probably going to tell me all about the dog training classes she’s taken her youngest puppy too. It will be interesting to see, or rather hear about the progress that she made in that regard.


It’s just not the same


A tiny porcelain tea containing green tea, sitting on a wooden table at a tea shop.

It isn’t that this or that is better, it’s what speaks to you the most. There is no right or wrong, only that which serves you the most.

Although we could have the same conversations in a coffee shop, it wouldn’t be quite the same. The atmosphere in those places is just not as relaxed, and to be honest, the prices can be pretty high too. What’s more is the service isn’t as personal, and they just aren’t as cozy. If you’re stuck and really want a drink, then I guess they will do, but we both prefer a tea shop.

Younger people enjoy them too

The good thing about tea shops, is they aren’t full of old ladies, as you would expect. There would be nothing wrong with it if they were, but there are also younger people in there too. I was sitting in my favorite tea shop the other day when a young mom and her sister came in and ordered 2 hot chocolates.

I’ve also seen some men who were in their late 20’s come in and buy some tea and cake. They are probably aware that the cake is fresh here, the portions are bigger, and they cost less also.

Just a few minutes from my home there are 6-8 tea shops that are targeted towards those who love to treat themselves this way. I’m lucky to have so many nice places nearby, and I often encourage people to give them a try. It might be that this strong influence is the reason for why I’m writing this in the first place, who knows? Why don’t you give your local tea shops a try? You may love it! At the very least, you will try something new.